Whether you’re in the grocery, a great big supermarket or a mall, becoming a smart buyer is more than just experience. It is also knowing how to look for the items you need and find the most affordable yet effective ones. Here are a few things to know to become a smart buyer.

1. Don’t Look Eye-Level
You’ve been walking from aisle to aisle looking for the snacks, breakfast and other edibles and needs for your home that should last for two weeks. However, you want to find something a bit outclassed, effective, yet affordable. One thing to remember is not to look eye level at aisle counters. These are where groceries place new and expensive products. If you look downward, you might see more effective and affordable products..

2. Go Local
Imported products definitely cost much more than the local-made products in your country. Always look for local products to avoid paying for the high cost of the imported products. Only purchase imported products if you want to try or truly favour a product made overseas..

3. Invest in Shopper Cards
Most groceries, malls and supermarkets have membership cards that allow you privileges such as earning points from your purchases or when you hit certain purchase prices. If you could invest in these shopper cards, you could join in raffles or even win free stuff from the establishment.
4. Look At Expirations Dates
If you need something to consume at once later in the day, you could purchase items nearing expiration dates because they price less than their usual counterparts. Just be careful because some items expire a day before or after their expiration date.

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